The Labor Compliance Managers has over 12 years of experience providing professional services,

public administration support, and workforce development services.


Below you can find out more about our services:

  • Davis-Bacon Act

  • Prevailing Wage

  • Workforce Development

  • Monitoring & Enforcement

  • Enforcement of Local Labor Standards Ordinances

Davis-Bacon Act Compliance

We ensure that developers, project managers, construction management, private administrators, and public agencies are in compliance with the Davis-Bacon Act. To accomplish that, we help with a variety of services; administration services, compliance training, site inspections, bilingual communications, wage corrections, preparation of labor compliance audits, annual reports, and the preparation and sharing of public records.​​

Prevailing Wage Compliance

We ensure Public Works contractors comply with the prevailing wage per labor location but are also in the know about local, state, and federal compliance procedures. The Labor Compliance Managers will bring you up to date with all acronyms like HUD, section 3, CDBG, and HCD requirements. In addition, we will guide your company in working on California state bond funded projects, support you with our contract compliance systems, and set you up for success with our labor compliance program to accelerate approvals.

Workforce Development

The Labor Compliance Managers specializes in training developers and public agencies to amp up their administration for public works projects. In addition, our training will​ streamline the workforce's workflow, increase compliance, and speed up project timelines.

We offer training session and programs for large groups, online webinars, and one-on-one.

Monitoring and Enforcement

Becoming compliant means much more than planning, designing, and implementing programs and processes. Compliance needs to be monitored and enforced at all times to prevent diversions but also to update systems and processes to new compliance procedures. The Labor Compliance Managers are working with Elation Systems software to monitor and enforce compliance but also work with sophisticated project management software to manage projects from start to finish.