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About Us.

Lin is founder and owner of The Labor Compliance Managers. She has a Masters in Public Administration from San Jose State University and

over 20 years of experience administering labor compliance and workforce development programs.

Since 2005, our company has been providing quality professional service to public agencies and developers. We provide a wide array of professional services including but not limited to:

  • Enforcement of Local Labor Standards Ordinances

  • Davis Bacon Act Requirements

  • Prevailing Wage Monitoring

  • PLA Enforcement

  • Public Records Act

  • On-site Interviews

  • Contractor & Workforce Training

Lin Robertson


The labor compliance managers group helps public agencies and developers streamline information systems and train their workforce for compliance with local and federal labor laws to better serve their communities.


We simplify compliance, which increases economic mobility across communities.

So we're building a platform that helps public agencies and developers stay compliant and improve workflow. A set of products and services that is geared to improving compliance, increases productivity, ensures project and administrative visibility, and minimizes distraction. 


We support underrepresented communities by employing and promoting work opportunities for members of these communities.

Promote and Facilitate worker safety on the job and throughout their community.

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